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  • Radioisotope Leak Detection Testing 

  • Component Failure Analysis

  • Engineering and Research in high vacuum technology

  • Hermetic Seal Engineering Design Support

  • Radioactive Materials handling

  • Krypton-85 Leak Detection Equipment Calibration & Maintenance

  • Krypton-85 leak detection equipment Decommissioning & Disposal

  • And Much More. . .


        IsoVac maintains a Radiflo® “Leak-Testing” service laboratory that has provided leak detection services to the industry for over five decades. We are very quick, and certainly competitive. We perform both Gross and Fine leak testing for you on small as well as large lots of hermetic devices. IsoVac has tested almost every type of hermetic device for NASA, the Military Agencies, the Space and Aerospace Industries, and Commercial Manufacturers, to the requirements of the MIL-STDS, as well as Specific Company Specifications.


       IsoVac manufactures, installs, calibrates and maintains the Radiflo leak detection equipment in manufacturing facilities throughout the world, where it is used to test 3,000 to 10,000 parts per hour for both gross and fine leaks. It is faster and cost efficient than any other leak detection process, and can be run manually or automatically. Over forty years of use has shown it to be absolutely safe to both people and the environment.





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