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Radioisotope Leak Testing

The first Radiflo® Training class, 1959


            IsoVac Engineering has been licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Member States, and state regulatory agencies to provide training and certification of engineers and operators of Radiflo® equipment for

over 50 years.

            We provide theoretical and practical instruction enabling students to be approved as Radiflo® Radiation Safety Officers, Alternate Radiation Safety Officers, Cognizant Engineers, Light Maintenance Technicians and Operators. Our training is designed to provide the basic knowledge necessary for the safe application of the Radiflo® machine. The course satisfies the radioactive material license as it pertains to operation and light maintenance of the Radiflo® machine. Advance Training is for international companies that do their own maintenance and minor repairs. All training courses have been approved by the United States Regulatory Agencies. Courses have been taught by IsoVac Engineering in companies located in countries throughout the world and satisfy the licensing requirements of each company's respective governments. After one year of experience with the machine, Advanced Training is available for international companies that perfer to do their own maintenance and minor repairs. Frequency of training after that is at the discretion of the company.

           IsoVac provides the necessary 're-training' and 're-certification' for Safety Officers, Alternate Radiation Safety Officers, Cognizant Engineers, Light Maintenance Technicians. The frequency of training is every three years based on IsoVac recommendations to CCR and NRC. Operators should be trained by Safety Officers or Cognizant Engineers with the frequency of training being every year. IsoVac can provide annual training for Operators if necessary.


Note: D.O.T. Regulations require HAZMAT workers to be re-trained and certified every three years.  


Isovac Training Assures The Following:

  • Only certified individuals will interface with the Radiflo® equipment

  • The Radiflo® process will be applied properly and with total accuracy

  • All individuals associated with the Radiflo® equipment will be safe

  • All licensing agencies know that they will be dealing with competently trained personnel whenever they interface with a Radiflo® licensee



  • Atomic Structure

  • Radioactivity - Natural and Artificial

  • Absorption of Radiation

  • Units of Radioactivity and Radiation

  • Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation

  • Licensing of By-Product Materials

  • Standards for Protection Against Ionizing Radiation

  • Basic Principles of Radiation Protection

  • Survey and Personnel Monitoring Instruments

  • Radiflo® Unit and Counting Station, Operation, Calibration and maintenance


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