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       Krypton-85 is the radioactive gas used in testing customer’s products at the IsoVac testing facility.  It is also used in the Radiflo® Leak testing equipment that IsoVac manufactures. The Radiflo® equipment has been in commercial use since 1960, and has been used  throughout the United States as well as over 30 foreign countries. It has been used to test tens of billions of hermetic devices, and has involved the operation of the Radiflo® equipment by tens of thousands of employees on hundreds of machines throughout the world. There has never been radiation exposure to any employees that would even approach levels considered to be normal. The total annual radiation exposure for a Radiflo® worker is usually less than that of a single dental x-ray.


       The quantities of radioactive Krypton-85 used in a Radiflo® system are extremely low.  Typically the Kr85 gas is less than 0.01% of the total Nitrogen or Air in the Radiflo® machine. Krypton is an inert gas and is so detectable that only fractions of a micro-curie of Kr85 are introduced into a leaking part in the test process. Krypton-85 gas is totally rejected by the

human body, is never absorbed by body tissue, and is such a weak emitting radioactive material that Krypton-85 is generally classified as a "non-biological health hazard".   

Forty years of records show that an airline pilot receives substantially more radiation exposure

per year than a Radiflo® operator.


       Radiflo® equipment contains numerous safety detectors, sensors, interlocks,

and indicators, all of which prevent an operator from being subjected to any unsafe conditions. 

Radiflo® equipment design and manufacture is in complete compliance with

Federal and State regulations that assure the protection of both the user, and the general public.

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