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The Radiflo® Advantage

The Radiflo® non-destructive Radioisotope leak detection system is of vital importance to all manufacturers or users of hermetically sealed components. Listed below are five reasons that prove Radiflo® to be the finest, yet least expensive leak detection system available. 


1) Radiflo® can process thousands of components daily (~8,000-10,000 UPH) with immense savings in production and testing cost, without bottlenecking production. Example: transistors tested for less than one cent each, included material, labor and burden.​​


2) Components which fail when extremely small leaks occur, can now be tested to <1x10-12 atmcc/sec by development or production departments. You can be assured that your components will function after a long shelf life.  

3) Parts tested using the Radiflo® process can be retested as many times as necessary without degrading the ability to detect a leaker. Parts which do leak can be retested to confirm leakage or to confirm the leak has been sealed where applicable.   


4) The test times are very short for several thousand devices tested at once and, since the readout is so quick, there is no need to keep the devices under an amotshphere of tracer gas until tested.


5) Radiflo® can be automated, thereby controlling to a great extent the often inevitable slip-ups due to the human mechanism (human error).

Radioisotope Leak Testing
Radioisotope Leak Testing

      The Kr85 tracer gas is measured inside the device, through the walls of the device, and not required to be measured coming back out of the device.

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