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Decommissioning Krypton-85 gas handling systems

      IsoVac Engineering, Inc. has been in the business of manufacturing, servicing

and decommissioning Krypton-85 gas handling systems for 50 years under both the

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and California Byproduct Materials License. 

The NRC has witnessed the decommissioning of Radiflo® Systems and has confirmed our procedures to be highly satisfactory.


       Isovac prepares the Sutton meteorological calculations for the venting of gas remaining in the Radiflo®.  Venting customarily takes place over a 24 to 36 hour period. These calculations provide assurance that the discharge rate, with dilution of the Krypton-85 gas, will maintain a concentration that is well below allowable levels.


       The Process of decommissioning the Radiflo® has been made simple by using the proper technology and procedures. Isovac will be handling Krypton-85 gas in a minimal concentration of ~0.01% Krypton-85/air mixture. The Krypton-85 gas is slowly vented at a controlled rate so that the effluent does not exceed the allowable level.  After venting, the machine contains a minimal quantity of Krypton-85 residue and is shipped to IsoVac.  The Radiflo® is disassembled, the lead shielding is separated and the small quantities of internal contaminated parts are shipped to a certified radioactive materials waste site.



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