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          CharTech Engineering owns and licenses the intellectual property rights associated with the use of charcoal as a getter for leak detection.  Parts that are otherwise difficult, or impossible to test will in many cases become a simple or even high volume production test. The patented technology (Pat. No. 5,452,661 & 5,929,367) was developed by the owners of CharTech Engineering after many years in the leak testing field, dealing mainly with high reliability qualified parts. This unique technology involves the introduction of activated charcoal within the device prior to sealing it.  The device is then subjected to a standard radioisotope leak test, whereby the charcoal acts as a getter and adsorbs the tracer gas that enters through a leaking part. This gas is then held for a period long enough to identify and isolate the leaking parts. This makes it possible to leak test part without an internal free cavity, or with a small internal free cavity which would otherwise be impossible to test, because the gas would escape before the leaking parts could be identified. The patented CharTech process is presently being used extensively in the automotive industry to verify the hermeticity of the initiators used to fire airbags. The properties of this form of carbon offer many additional advantages to its use in this application.


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