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A self-contained, portable machine with a variable speed drive designed to subject components to constant acceleration forces. The System-1 is the most advanced machine available for constant acceleration testing. It provides all of the controls and features required to perform the acceleration tests in accordance with MIL-STD-883.


Key Benefits-

  • Fast cycle machine one minute dwell time at the preset speed allows centrifugal forces as high as 50,000 times gravity to applied to electronic devices to test their structural integrity.

  • Variable Speed

  • Actual RPM or G's constantly displayed (with no conversion factor)

  • Direct RPM/G Input

  • All Digital Display

  • Low Vacuum Interlock

  • Safety - 100% Lid Lock

  • Automated Lid and ring closing and locking

  • Over-speed Control

  • Single Step Braking non-asbestos disc brake system

  • Foam fill energy absorption Lid



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